Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pictureless Update...

Been a busy few weeks. Been in revivals, funerals, and more! This summer, our pastor has seven revivals in eight weeks; and we usually try to go as much as we can, which sometimes leaves us (or at least me) going every night of the week. Tiresome? Yes; but I love it. I've been to the funeral home for three deaths in the past week, including my dad's first cousin, Larry Byrd (no, not the basketball star) and my great-aunt, Pauline Bird, who was pictured just a few posts ago on this blog with her husband, Uncle Daniel. Two days after our family reunion, she started having problems with her heart and never was able to recover. She was a fun aunt; and I will miss her a lot!
The first weekend of the month found me traveling to Kansas City! That's the furthest west I've ever been (prior to that, it was probably either Memphis, TN, or Ocean Springs, MS, so I didn't have to go far to earn a new record - ha, ha). I've been working here for nine years, and have never really had to go anywhere on business before; but in the position I'm in now, I have a client in KC that I was able to go meet. We flew into KC, MO, on a Sunday, and then drove about fifty miles south of the city to Overland Park, KS. We had meetings all day Monday, and the first half of the day Tuesday, and then flew out Tuesday afternoon. I was SO tired! I DID get to eat at a couple of good restaurants though! Hereford House is one of the orginal Kansas steak houses; and I had a great rib-eye there; and then had some awesome BBQ at Jack's Stack. When I flew into Chattanooga, Kellie and the girls were waiting for me at the airport with little signs they had made with pictures of me and them and the words "Welcome Home Daddy! We love you!" It was actually hard to leave them on Sunday. I've never had to go anywhere ALL alone before. Before I left, I couldn't help but think about soldiers who leave their family to go overseas, not knowing when or if they might see them again. Here I was leaving my family for three days and about to cry like a baby. Nevertheless, it was a sweet homecoming; and I was glad to see mountains again! :)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Two Years...

Today is the two year anniversary of Alvie's death. This whole past week has brought about a lot of memories - some good, some bad. I've relieved those final moments over and over in my mind. And just looking back at everything that has changed since he left us... it's just unreal. We miss him every single day; but a few months ago, I finally got to a place to where I can honestly say that I wouldn't call him back. Two years ago, his worry ended - and I wouldn't want him to have to come back and pick up that load again. So the ONLY choice is to just wait our turn until we can go where he is.
It's a hard day for Kellie, so if you think about her throughout the day, just ask the Lord to wrap His loving arms around her just a little bit tighter for the day.

I'll probably right a little bit more later; but for now, I just wanted to mark the day.


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Few Changes...

In an effort to conserve some overhead throughout the summer, we have disconnected our home phone and internet service. We'll probably leave it off for three or four months and then have everything turned back on like it was before. In the mean time, if you need to talk to us - call our cell phones! You can still email me at; but a response might not be as timely as normal.