Thursday, August 31, 2006

Miss Mikayla Grace

Today I had the opportunity to meet for the very first time Miss Mikayla Grace and her mother, Stacie. Mikayla's daddy, Michael, is stationed in Baghdad, Iraq, serving in the US Armed Forces. Michael and I were childhood friends; and his parents, sisters, and niece, are all good friends of ours, with whom we attend church. Mikayla and Stacie now reside in Clarksville, Tennesse, but was in Trenton, Georgia, visiting Michael's family. I was so glad to have the opportunity to photograph Mikayla, and her cousin, Kaitlyn.
Before their arrival, I told Kellie that I wanted to do their sitting for free, as well as give them a free 8x10, just as a small token of our appreciation for Michael's sacrifice - bravely serving his country in Iraq. After I decided to do this for Michael, I thought to myself, "I'm going to offer this same service to any family with either a mommy or daddy stationed overseas in any of the Armed Forces!" So if there's anyone out there who would like to partake in this offer, please give me a call!!
Anyhow, Mikayla, who is a few days shy of nine months old, wasn't feeling too good this evening; but as you can see, she still struck a few sweet poses for the camera. Thank-you Stacie, Mikayla, Marnicia, and Caitlyn, for coming by to see us this evening!! Mikayla's proofs are now available to view at my website!


New Camera

Well, I did it! I broke down and purchased a new camera - the Canon 5D. This new 12.8 megapixel camera, used in conjunction with the L-series 28-70 lens, will give Byrd Photography the use of cutting edge technology to enhance the quality of the life images we capture in each of our sessions. I also purchased a new CPU to help speed up my productivity in editing the larger files created by the new camera. I can't wait to get started using my new equipment!!


Introducing Baby Steps

Help us spread the word about Byrd Photography's new "Baby Steps" program! Baby Steps is an exciting new program from Byrd Photography, which offers a series of sittings to help capture the major milestones during the first fleeting year of the life of your new baby. The six sittings are arranged at major milestones of baby's first year - New Born, One Month, Three Months, Six Months, Nine Months, and One Year.
Be sure to get in on this exciting program at the introductory rate of only $120.00!! This fee includes all six sittings, and your choice of an 8x10 from each session – a $150.00 savings!! This is a new offering from Byrd Photography, and you can help us grow our business while we watch baby grow – together! Call or email now!!
By the way, the cute little tootsies in this photo belong to my youngest daughter, Makayla!


Byrd Photography Blog

I keep hearing so much about blogs; and so with a little encouragement from a friend (CK), I decided to go ahead and try to create one for Byrd Professional Photography. Here I will try to post news and current events regarding the growth and future of Byrd Photography, as well as comments about each of my portrait sessions.