Friday, April 06, 2007


I had a VERY smooth session this morning with my little man, Alec! He is SUCH a good baby, and absolutely adorable!! It's Easter Weekend; and I've got four shoots! That's a new all-time high for me - ha, ha! I had Alec this morning; and I've got a Senior in Madison County this afternoon. Then I've got to come home to get ready for the singing at our church tonight. In the morning, I'm photographing a local family from our church who recently adopted a precious little baby girl from China. And lastly, it's back off to Huntsville tomorrow afternoon to photograph my first Baby Steps baby, Gillian! Not to mention church tomorrow night, and all day on Sunday (EASTER)! Whew... wish me luck!
All of Alec's proofs will be available by clicking on the image to the left. Hope you like them!