Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Look Who's ONE!

I have really neglected my Blog here lately, so I thought I'd better post some pictures from yesterday's session with Sawyer. We had a good time at Sawyer's great-grandparents' home (somewhere deep in the sticks of Hazel Green, Alabama)! Sawyer did a great job, just like he's done for me since his newborn session! He's one baby that I really will miss photographing regularly; and I hope his Momma and Daddy will bring him back in the future so we can continue to watch him grow!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Funny - in a sad kind of way...

This past Spring, I kept walking out into the studio and finding similar imprints on any one of my four large eastern facing windows. At first I thought maybe the birds couldn't see the window and were trying to fly into the studio (kind of like a Windex commercial); but I later came to think that the birds were seeing themselves in the reflection of the window and thought they were being challenged by a competitor. I haven't seen any imprints since Spring; and I so I think all of this took place during mating season (that's my National Geographic hypothosis), when the birds were staking out their claim for a girlfriend!