Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine Shoot has begun!

We're just about booked up for the day; but I was on a break and wanted to show you these pics of Alec! I LOVE this set! "What's it got to do with Valentine's Day?" you might ask. Nothing really. These shots aren't themed Valentine's... it's a v-day special with special pricing and the Valentine cards are awesome; but you don't HAVE to be wearing a valentine outfit to make this work. In fact, I prefer the black shirt and jeans - just looks cool to me! Be sure to click the picture to enlarge.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Card Templates

Here are a few of the photo templates we're going to be using for our Valentine Card's this year! There's lots to choose from; and don't worry, we'll help you decide!

To see all of the photo card templates, CLICK HERE.

Questions? Just holler!


Be Mine Mini-Sessions!!!

Be Mine Mini-Sessions!
Saturday, January 31, 2009, 9 – 5 EST
at our new studio in Flat Rock!

I know it’s late notice; but Shannon Byrd Photography is offering our very first Be Mine Valentine’s Day sessions; and we want YOU to be there! These are quick, painless, and FREE! You read it right - there are no sitting fee’s for these 15 minute sessions! This is a Limited Edition offer; and session times are VERY limited – so if you want yours, book it TODAY! Because of special portrait pricing, we expect slots will fill up FAST! Packages are dramatically reduced. In fact, we’re only offering ONE package and ONE pose - so you’re not going to have to worry about trying to make decisions! Any clothing choice is appropriate; but of course, Valentine outfits are expected! Blacks, whites, reds, and pinks will be best!

The V-Day package includes:

1 – 8x10
2 – 5x7’s
8 – wallets

All for ONLY $40!!!!

Want Valentine Cards? We’ve got ‘em – and they ROCK! Why should your kids pass out cards featuring Sponge Bob or Cinderella when they COULD be passing out wicked-cool cards featuring THEMSELVES! We have cards that will fit most every budget! And not only can you get the smaller Valentines for the kids to pass out to their classmates; but you can also get customized press printed cards to send to your family and friends. Trust me – they WILL ooooh and ahhhh when they see them!

Here are the sizes offered and the prices. Prices have been drastically slashed for this promotional offer! Most are sold in sets of 24, unless otherwise noted. The first price is for your first set, the second price is for additional sets.

· Mini’s - $20/$15
· Folded Mini’s - $50/$30 (sets of 50)

· 5x5 flat - $40/$20
· 5x5 folded - $50/$30

· 5x7 flat - $40/$20
· 5x7 folded - $55/$35

Cards are only available after purchasing a Valentine Package with your Be Mine Mini-Session.

Not sure what to expect, check out the BLOG this weekend for more details!

Call or email us right away to secure your spot!!! And PLEASE forward this email to ALL of your friends with small children!