Friday, July 30, 2010


I went to church last night at Grassy Mountain, and on into the service, someone came and got me and told me that Kellie was outside and that my sister was soon to become a mother! Shawna had gotten bad with preeclampsia and the doctor decided he couldn't wait any longer before taking the baby. So they took her in last night and before we could get to Huntsville, Addison Jane Shockley (or "A.J." as Uncle Byrd plans to call her, regardless of other family members' protests) had made her appearance! She weighed in at 3 lbs. 9 ozs. and measured 16" long. Considering her small size, she's doing really well; and Shawna is recovering nicely too! By the time we got to go back and see her last night in NICU, they had asked us not to use flash photography, so I couldn't get a good picture - but I will soon! :) She's tiny; but very well developed and proportioned and had a great color and she's just doing really, really good! Shawna texted me this morning and said that she was off of the cpac and ventilator for now, which is great!
Okay - some personal thoughts of this child's birth, etc. #1 - Shawna and Derrick have prayed for this baby for a long, long time; and God has finally given them their hearts' desire, which just tickles me to death! About a year or so before Shawna found out she was expecting, I had a dream that they had a little girl and when my mom took me in to see her for the first time at the hospital, she had on a little purple dress. Well last night, when I got to go in and see her, she didn't have on a purple dress - but she did have on a little purple hairbow! :)
I thought it was cool that she was born in the same hosptial where Shawna and I were born. My poor children were born in Tennessee - ha, ha. And, being the genealogist that I am, I can wait until she gets older and I can point out how far back her middle name (Jane) goes in our family. She was named for my mother, Pamela Jane, who was named for my great-aunt, Mary Jane (Long), who was named for my great-great-grandmother, Harriet Jane (Jacks), who was named for her mother, Martha J. (Robertonson) - so that's like seven generations! And no telling who bore the name in our family before that! Anyhow, I'm probably the only one who thinks that's cool; but I can't help it! ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crankin' Up Again...

I’M BA-AAACK! After taking some time off through the summer, I have decided to take a limited number of sessions for the Fall. You can begin booking your appointments today (call 423.802.9314 or email! For the first (paid) appointment that I book, I’ll give that session a FREE 11x14! Folks – that’s the cost of your session right there!
Fall is a GREAT time to do family portraits outdoors! The weather is cooling off a little bit and everything’s still nice and green! And for those of you wanting some Fall color, we usually have a pretty narrow window of that around here; but we CAN work something out there too!
Christmas Cards? Yeah, we’re doing them – and if you want some, you’d better book your appointment soon (I know it’s only July; but these things take time)!!!
I’m also reopening my Baby Steps program and will accept a VERY small number of new little’uns for the year long program! I’ll soon have a new niece; and she’ll probably break me in pretty good on baby pics again!
Weddings… hmmm… I’m not sure. I’ve turned down more this year than I shot last year! J They can be brutal; but if you catch me at the right time and in the right mood, I MIGHT take a wedding or two!
If you have any other questions about what we’ve got going on, just shoot me an email!

AND, just to start things off right, I’ll give away a free outdoor session to the first person who emails me with “CRANKIN’ UP AGAIN” in the subject line (minimum order applies)!

Talk to you soon!