Monday, July 20, 2009

Studio Day TWO

Wow! Studio day two went even smoother than the first day! The musicians were on their stuff; and not only did we finish all fourteen tracks that we had hoped to do - but we also laid a surprise 15th track!!! It was a great day, filled with emotion. While recording Go Get My Children, I absolutely lost it and sobbed like a baby for a few minutes. It just came out of no where; but man when it hit me, it hit like a ton of bricks. I know there's no way we could do this as good as we could have if Alvie were here to guide us through it; but I can't help but believe he would be SO pleased with the way everything has gone so far!
So now that we have music tracks to practice with, Cassie, Kellie, and I will begin practicing vocals and hopefully be ready to lay those on the last two weekends of August. Keep praying for us!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Studio Day One

Well we got through the first day of music tracks; and everything is sounded GREAT! Our musicians are doing a fantastic job; and we're really going to work them out this coming Saturday for Day Two! We didn't work a full day this past Saturday and only recorded five songs; and so this coming Saturday, we have eight (maybe NINE) songs left to record! But I have faith that they can pull it off - they're pros!

Here's one of our engineers, Bro. Jeff Walls, hard at work.

Yes folks, that is THE Joe David Cantrell - my production assistant :)

Mr. Jimmy Long is tearing it up on the electric and accoustic guitars - sounds fantastic!

And speaking of famous people - here's the one and only Bruce Terry wailing away on the steele guitar - doing an AWESOME job!

Here's my brother-in-law, Dustin McKenzie, doing his thing on the bass guitar. You wann talk about pro's? He's the bomb!

And here is the multi-talented Dustin Kelly banging on the keys like nobody's business! Dustin is doing a great job with our album as producer also!

Another pic of the band - Bruce Terry on steele, Dustin McKenzie on bass, Dustin Kelly on keyboard, and Rusty Walls, who's supposed to be in the drum booth but instead appear to be standing around talking! ;)

We're looking forward to another great day of music on Saturday! I'm sure I'll post more updates next week!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

New Project Underway!

Hello Everybody!

Kellie and I will be going to the studio this Saturday to begin a very special personal project! Alvie (Kellie’s dad) wrote 23 songs during his lifetime; and all but nine of those have been recorded by various groups over the years, including The McKenzie’s, The Long Family, The Higdonaires, Chosen, and others. This project will include those nine songs not previously recorded, as well as a few of his other songs that have become personal favorites of ours.
Joining us for vocals will be Cassie McKenzie, who is married to Kellie’s first cousin, Clint. And there will also be guest appearances by Uncle K. Wayne Guffey, as well as Alvie's sister, Janine. Kellie’s brother, Dustin, will be playing bass guitar; and serving as pianist will be our great friend, Dustin Kelly, who is also our project producer. Several other great musicians will be joining in as well!
We’re not forming a group and do not plan to book any singings. We’re just doing the recording in memory of Alvie, hoping to preserve these great songs that so few people have heard before, and have a great time doing it!
As you can tell, I’m very excited about the project! The album will feature the first song Alvie ever wrote, “Not Another Tear”, which is also the project name. Alvie was only ten years old when he first penned this beautiful song way back in 1969! Also included will be:

I’ll Live Again
King’s Highway
Let the Praises Ring
The Comforter
Holy Power
Be Ye Ready
He Will Stand By Your Side
The Roadmap
That Wonderful Day
How Do You Measure Love
I’d Rather Be Here
Today Is the Day
Go Get My Children

So be on the lookout for “The Alvie McKenzie Family: Not Another Tear” sometime this Fall; and please pray for us as we go along! Updates will be posted all along on my blog,! Please help us spread the word!

Love & Prayers,

***The picture is of Alvie at Gold Mine Studio in Gadsden, Alabama, during Chosen's "Power In Believing" project***