Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Construction Underway

The block mason has finished the foundation of the new studio and also closed in what used to the be the garage door. But wait... what's wrong with this picture (besides the fact that the garage is a mess)? The lawn mower is still in the garage!!! Yep, I forgot to back it out before the block mason got started; and he didn't notice it as he began closing it in! I'll figure a way to get it out (I just hope I remember to do that before I frame in the rest of the garage)!
I guess I've not really posted anything about my new studio. I'm building a 20x40 addition off the back of the house/garage. The studio will function as a natural light studio, as well as a flash studio. It's going to be great; and I can't wait until I get it done! Hopefully this summer!
Besides the addition, we're closing in what's left of the garage (about 21' x 21'). This will function as a reception area, my office/workstation, as well as a gallery/theatre-proofing room! When I get it finished, you will all be invited to my Open House!!
Here's another shot of the contruction. This is from the back of the house facing south. That's part of my land in the background, and Dogwood Hills Golf Course behind the tree line. What you see here is my golf ball pasture! This is were we grow golf balls - at least it seems that way. Golfers often slice into the pasture while trying to reach hole #2!

Anyhow, we hope to start framing on the weekend of April 13th - so wish us luck!!!


Saturday, March 24, 2007


Ain't she gorgeous? This is little Miss Alea Reagan McKenzie, daughter of my wife's first cousin, Clint, and his wife, Cassie. Alea is a precious little girl, with beautiful blue eyes. She did a great job in her first photo session with me, which was held this morning at her house. I have one more session this afternoon, then I'll be done for the weekend (I think).
All of Alea's proofs are available by clicking on the sample photo to the left.


What a day! It's now 2:00 a.m. on Saturday; and I'm finishing up a session from early today (well, I guess yesterday - if you want to get technical). It's been a few days since I had a session; but did I ever make up for it this weekend! I have three booked, which is kind of a big deal for me!
Today (or yesterday), I photographed Miss Hilary Ann Simmons, daughter of my good friends Paul and Becky Simmons of Big Cove, Alabama! Hilary is graduating from High School this year; and we had a blast this afternoon capturing her senior portraits in historic South Pittsburg, Tennessee. You can see all of Hilary's proofs by clicking on the sample picture to the left.
In other news, our new studio is underway! The block mason is supposed to be her in the morning to get started with the block work. It's exciting to watch it begin to take shape; but it's also almost overwhelming to see all of the work ahead! But, I have some great help! Anyhow, I'll probably Blog a little more after my two sessions tomorrow.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Zilah Elizabeth

Awww... Zilah is now three months old (actually, I think she's four months old); and what a cutie she is! I'm still working on all of her proofs; but she was all giggles and smiles at last Tuesday's sitting.
All of these babies are just growing up so fast! It's been over six months since my first baby steps client signed up for registration; and now I have seven babies who are with the program! I'm looking for it to just keep growing too!
I'm thinking I may have to start putting out calendars with my favorite baby shots from the year before! Let me know what ya'll think about that idea!